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2022/09/08 12:20

ゲームストップ、FTX USと新しいパートナーシップ発表 | オンラインマーケティングで協力

ゲーム小売業のゲームストップは、米国の仮想通貨取引所FTX USと提携し、より多くの顧客を仮想通貨に誘導し、オンラインマーケティング施策で協力することを発表した。

2022/07/12 09:09



2021/02/19 16:19

ビットメックス創業者ヘイズ氏、伝統的な金融からのボイコット呼びかけ | 仮想通貨の優位訴える


2021/02/05 08:14

Following GameStop, South Korea Financial Regulator Extends Ban on Short Sales

Caving to pressure from retail traders, South Korea's ban on short-selling has been extended through May 2021.

2021/02/03 08:23

Why a GameStop-Inspired Mania Is Unlikely in China’s Stock Market

It would be logistically challenging for Chinese retail investors to organize a short-selling campaign, especially with the authorities watching.

2021/02/03 06:53

Crypto Long & Short: GameStop, Dogecoin y un nuevo paradigma de mercado

Es difícil ser justo con el significado e importancia que ha tenido el escándalo de Reddit-Robinhood-GameStop ocurrido la semana pasada.  Con esto no quiero decir que no haya sido sobreestimado en algunos lugares. He oído comparaciones con los disturbios del Capitolio. Y no es lo mismo: aquello se trató de una sedición; esto es rebelión, […]

2021/02/03 00:30

State of Crypto: How Will the Government React to GameStop?

Also: Ripple filed its response to the SEC and a FinCEN official discusses the controversial counterparty rule in public for the first time.

2021/02/02 18:30

Robinhood CEO May Testify Before US House Committee Over GameStop Allegations

Vlad Tenev will likely appear before a U.S. virtual hearing as lawmakers investigate the firm's recent trading restrictions, a Politico report says.

2021/02/02 06:29

Exchange Tokens Hit New All-time Highs as Stock Traders Rush to Crypto

GameStop caught the stock-buying public's imagination. That excitement has spilled over to crypto.

2021/02/02 03:25

Robinhood Can’t Democratize Finance Using Old Tools

Robinhood saw the ire of traders last week because it promised to be different. It turned out to be fancy app on top of an antiquated system.

2021/02/01 17:26

MGM, Winklevoss Twins to Make Movie About Reddit’s GameStop Investors Taking on Wall Street

MGM has acquired the movie rights to a book proposal known as "The Antisocial Network" by New York Times best-selling author Ben Mezrich.

2021/02/01 07:01

Crypto Long & Short: GameStop, Dogecoin and a New Market Paradigm

We’re not just witnessing the changing nature of market forces. We’re also seeing a shift in the definition of market “fundamentals.”

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