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2020/09/21 23:47

Former HSBC, Citigroup, Merrill Lynch Execs Start $50M Crypto Fund

Liquibit Capital is also said to be managed by a former Barclays Capital vice president and two current JPMorgan and Wells Fargo technicians.

2020/08/03 17:07

Huobi Hires Former Banking Giant Executive to Lead New DeFi Fund

The crypto exchange group is forming a new fund to invest tens of millions of dollars in the DeFi space.

2020/07/03 19:09

Cardano Developer IOHK Launches $20M Fund for Ecosystem Startups

The cFund will invest anywhere between $250,000 and $500,000 into startups and small businesses using Cardano or IOHK tech initiatives.

2020/05/07 10:54


ソーシャルレンディングのFundsが auカブコムと提携すると発表がありました。 auカブコムから資金調達を行ったようです。 auカブコムの顧客がFundsに投資しやすくなったり、 より大きなファンドを募集したりできるよ・・・

2020/05/01 03:40

Andreessen Horowitz Doubles Down on Crypto Investments With New $515M Fund

Andressen Horowitz pointed to next-generation payments, decentralized finance, new monetization models and Web3 as use cases it would look into for its new $515 million fund.

2020/04/15 10:45


ソーシャルレンディングのFundsで 17日に新案件が募集開始となります。   案件の詳細は、 ・年利2% ・運用期間18か月 ・担保・保証なし となっています。   うーん。。。 不動産案件でも4%・・・

2020/01/23 18:50

Liechtenstein Regulators Approve Ethereum-Based Real Estate Fund

The fund enables investors to gain exposure to a global real estate portfolio through a ERC-20 security token.

2019/12/06 23:00

Asset Manager Secures SEC Approval to Create Novel Bitcoin Futures Fund

NYDIG plans to raise $25 million for an SEC-approved investment fund focused entirely on cash-settled bitcoin futures.

2019/11/21 21:00

Franklin Templeton Taps Wallet Service Provider to Support Tokenized Shares

Franklin Templeton Investments, the global investment firm looking to track shares of a money market fund on the Stellar blockchain, has tapped wallet service provider Curv to help safeguard its shares.

2019/10/03 20:33

Asset Manager Stone Ridge Files SEC Prospectus for Bitcoin Futures Fund

The firm's SEC prospectus details a cash-settled bitcoin futures fund offering 100,000 shares at $10 apiece.

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