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2019/07/05 09:53

富士通研究所 ブロックチェーンでオンライン取引の本人確認技術を開発|信用性や詐称リスクを確認


2019/07/04 18:00

Fujitsu Develops Blockchain IDs That Score Trustworthiness in Transactions

Fujitsu Laboratories has unveiled digital identity tech that scores users' reliability to increase the security of online transactions.

2019/02/27 18:40

Sony, Fujitsu Aim to Make Educational Data ‘Unfalsifiable’ With Blockchain

The two Japanese tech giants have partnered for a trial using blockchain to provide educational records that cannot be faked.

2019/02/27 17:35

ソニーと富士通が実証実験 外国人留学生の成績証明にブロックチェーン活用


2019/01/30 18:31

Fujitsu Claims 40% Efficiency Boost for Blockchain Electricity Exchange

Japanese IT giant Fujitsu has developed a blockchain-based exchange system that it says produces a more stable energy supply at peak periods.

2018/10/29 23:00

Nine Japanese Banks to Trial Blockchain Settlement Using Fujitsu Tech

Nine Japanese banks are teaming up to trial a blockchain-based inter-bank settlement system using Fujitsu technology.

2018/07/12 23:00

IT Giant Fujitsu Is Launching a 'Ready-to-Go' Blockchain Service

Fujitsu has launched a new blockchain consultancy service it claims will deliver a minimum viable product in just five days.

2018/06/06 12:44



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