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2020/09/22 03:26

Craig Wright Must Face Trial Over Alleged $11B Bitcoin Fortune as Request for Summary Judgment Denied

In a case involving the ownership of about 1.1 million bitcoin (worth over $11 billion), the federal court denied Wright’s request for a summary judgment on Monday.

2020/08/25 09:17

Binance.US Expands Into Florida, Eyeing Millions of Potential New Traders

Florida's financial regulators granted Binance.US a money transmitters license in July.

2020/08/01 04:03

Officials Arrest 3 Allegedly Behind Twitter Hack

A Florida teenager suspected of spearheading the massive Twitter hack and subsequent high-profile bitcoin scam is in custody.

2019/09/03 07:34

クレイグ・ライトの弁護士、ハリケーンなど理由に猶予求める 巨額ビットコイン支払い要求判決で


2019/07/25 17:11

新たに「サトシ・ナカモト」を名乗る人物が登場 クレイグ・ライト裁判で新展開

ビットコイン(BTC)の生みの親「ナカモトサトシ」を名乗る新たな人物が浮上した。デボ・ヨーガン・エチエンヌ・ギド(Debo Jurgen Etienne Guido)という名の人物が7月22日、米フロリダ州の連邦裁判所に書簡を提出した。

2019/07/11 12:33

選挙運動向けに仮想通貨発行、米連邦選挙委員会が承認 「貨幣価値はない記念品として」


2019/02/24 19:30

Bitcoin Has a Florida Problem

Jurisdictions that lack clear guidance or take a hostile view of blockchain and crypto hurt the industry. Florida is doing both.

2018/06/28 12:00

US Judge Says Boxer-Backed ICO Token Is a Security

A Florida district court has published an analysis explaining how Centra Tech's CTR token is a security. 

2018/06/27 03:15

Florida Is Creating Its Own Crypto Czar

Florida's chief financial officer has created a new "crypto czar" to oversee regulation of the cryptocurrency and ICO space.

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