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2020/10/14 21:48

First Mover: Privacy Is Litecoin’s Ace in the Hole as JPMorgan Touts Bitcoin

After lagging behind bitcoin for the past couple years, Litecoin founder Charlie Lee is looking to privacy features as his ace in the hole.

2020/10/07 21:55

First Mover: Bitcoin Steady as Trump Tweets and Neo Takes on Ethereum

Trump's back-and-forth tweets over U.S. stimulus whipsaw bitcoin prices along with traditional markets, and Neo ratchets up competition with Ethereum.

2020/10/02 22:51

Trump Covid Test, BitMEX Charges Bring October Shocks for Bitcoin

Crypto analysts scramble to assess U.S. charges against BitMEX, home of 100x bitcoin perpetual swaps and a venue for getting "rekt."

2020/10/01 22:18

First Mover: Nine (Bullish) Bitcoin Predictions for Final Months of (Awful) 2020

Bitcoin is outperforming pretty much every other asset class this year, with a 50% YTD gain. Analysts are bullish heading into 4Q.

2020/09/30 22:28

First Mover: Chainlink’s Sorry September Returns Shows DeFi Hysteria Deflating

Chainlink's LINK has been the worst-performing digital asset in September in the CoinDesk 20, during an ugly month across cryptocurrency markets.

2020/09/29 22:02

First Mover: Binance CEO Sees Future in DeFi While Bitcoin Volatility Turns Minuscule

Binance CEO isn't ashamed to discuss DeFi's future – and how the fast-moving arena might represent the future of his industry-leading crypto exchange.

2020/09/24 21:51

First Mover: Federal Reserve, Congress Play Game of Chicken Over Stimulus as Market Lurches

Markets from stocks to bitcoin have groaned amid dimming prospects for more U.S. stimulus, and neither Congress nor the Fed are taking the lead.

2020/09/22 22:12

First Mover: Bitcoin’s Latest Sell-Off Gets Crypto Traders Mulling Election Chaos

Monday's sell-off shows bitcoin is likely to trade off with risky assets like stocks if U.S. election chaos sends markets into a fresh downdraft.

2020/09/03 22:30

First Mover: As Bitcoin Falls for Second Day, Long-Term Holders Probably Won’t Care

The growing number of long-term bitcoin investors might be the cryptocurrency's most simple bullish indicator – more so than "600,000 asteroids."

2020/09/02 22:25

First Mover: Bitcoin Tumbles, Bithumb Reportedly Raided, Uniswap Challenges Coinbase

Bitcoin is down amid negative news from South Korea, but Uniswap has shot to the top of the DeFi rankings.

2020/09/01 22:15

First Mover: Rookie YFI Token Jumped 8-Fold in August as DeFi Dominated's YFI tokens, which looked like another inside DeFi joke when it launched in July, dominated the August return rankings.

2020/08/04 21:56

First Mover: As Fed Nears Inflation Rubicon, Analysts See $50K Bitcoin in Play

The Federal Reserve appears ready to pursue yet another untested strategy that could ultimately boost inflation – and possibly prices for bitcoin.

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