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2019/08/01 11:05

Investors Can Now Trade Ether and British Pounds on the Same Blockchain

LAB577, a team of ex-Royal Bank of Scotland engineers, has built a system for settling crypto and fiat trades on R3's Corda Network.

2019/07/31 22:00

Beating Bakkt, LedgerX Is First to Launch ‘Physical’ Bitcoin Futures in US

LedgerX has launched the first physically-settled bitcoin futures contracts in the U.S., beating Bakkt to the punch.

2019/07/05 17:00

Billion-Dollar Returns: The Upside of Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency

If Libra achieves even modest adoption, the payoff for Facebook and its partners could be in the billions.

2019/07/03 22:00

Casa Launches Lightning Node Mobile App for Bitcoin Newbies

Casa's new wallet aims to help aspiring cypherpunks graduate from getting their first bitcoin to running their own lightning node.

2019/07/02 17:00

Russia’s Largest Bank Is Quitting Central Bank’s Blockchain Project

Enterprise blockchain project Masterchain is falling short of expectations – and Russia's largest bank is quitting in frustration.

2019/06/30 19:00

Monero and Zcash Conferences Showcase Their Differences (And Links)

The future of privacy coins relies on technologists getting the governance setup right. Here's both sides of the zcash debate.

2019/06/29 19:05

Facebook’s Libra Crypto Code Draws Critiques and Clones

Would-be coders and eager trolls are digging into the early code for Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency.

2019/06/29 17:00

Billions to Trillions: Crypto Assets and the Inevitability of Digitization

As with the evolution of music consumption, digitization of securities will have far-reaching effects, writes Ami Ben David of Ownera.

2019/06/28 17:00

A Wannabe Netflix Raised $575 Million on Ethereum – Then Ditched Crypto

From yachting with Selena Gomez to doling out TaTaTu tokens to movie stars, one producer's road to Hollywood was paved with ICO excess.

2019/06/27 00:45

Buried in Facebook’s Libra White Paper, a Digital Identity Bombshell

Buried in Facebook’s Libra white paper are two sentences hinting the project's ambitions go even further than minting a global currency.

2019/06/24 18:00

This Ethereum Lottery Perfectly Explains How Facebook’s Big Corporate Backers Will Profit from Crypto

This is a post about a lossless DAI lottery called PoolTogether. But it's really about how Facebook's Libra project will make money for its big backers.

2019/06/24 01:15

Meeting Bitcoiners Online When They Live in the Same City

Bitcoin developer Mark "Murch" Erhardt tells CoinDesk about the most surprising interaction he ever had in his years of running the Bitcoin Stack Exchange. Turns out the crypto world *is* that small!

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