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2019/09/07 19:15

How Celsius Turned Its Crypto ICO Into a Billion-Dollar Lending Business

Lending startup Celsius went from a $50 million token sale to $1 billion in crypto deposits.

2019/09/06 17:00

The State of Security Token Regulations in Asia

Some Asian countries have gone a long way toward shoring up their rules and regulations around cryptocurrencies and security tokens.

2019/09/05 13:00

As Crypto Markets Go Cold, Who Will Pay for Open-Source Code?

Formerly a CoinDesk Contributing Editor, Daniel Cawrey is author of the upcoming “Mastering Blockchain” book to be published by O’Reilly Media. Earlier this year IBM purchased Red Hat, the oft-referred to model for how open source can thrive, for $34 billion. Long the consultant to enterprises, IBM is going through a transitional period as a […]

2019/09/04 17:00

Why the Marshall Islands Is Issuing Its Own Cryptocurrency

The Marshall Islands is moving ahead with a plan to issue a sovereign currency built on blockchain, writes Minister David Paul.

2019/09/02 17:00

A Crypto Fix for a Broken International Monetary System

Mark Carney's recent statements about a new digital global currency has opened the door to fresh ideas built on blockchain, Michael J Casey writes.

2019/09/01 19:20

Bitcoin Mining Farms Are Flourishing on the Ruins of Soviet Industry in Siberia

Favorable energy prices and a naturally cold climate are turning Siberia into an international hub for bitcoin miners.

2019/08/31 20:10

The Crypto Custody Conundrum: What Are We Even Talking About?

New tech usually struggles with vocabulary, says Noelle Acheson. With bitcoin, the confusion rubs off integral concepts in securities legislation.

2019/08/17 19:30

This ICO Startup Didn’t Die During Crypto Winter. It Has DAI to Thank

The London-based Monolith just added DAI to its crypto debit card product. But the startup itself has long used DAI to manage its treasury.

2019/08/10 20:00

In Big Block Hard Fork, Craig Wright’s Bitcoin Has Left Nodes Behind

After a recent network upgrade, nodes separated from the bitcoin SV blockchain, highlighting why hard forks prompt much infighting among devs.

2019/08/04 18:00

From Ghana to the Bronx, Meet the Teen Bitcoiners Building the Future

From experimenting with zcash in the Bronx to rogue bitcoin contributors, these teens are shaping the future of cryptocurrency.

2019/08/03 18:00

Bitcoin Won’t Be a Global Reserve Currency. But It’s Opening the Box

Bitcoin will not become a global reserve currency, argues Noelle Acheson. But it is adding a powerful tool to the box of potential solutions.

2019/08/01 17:00

‘Building’ Bitcoin’s Software Just Got a Bit More Trustless

There's a bit less trust now needed when developers compile the software at the heart of bitcoin.

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