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2019/12/18 22:38

EY Launches Token and Smart Contract Testing Service in Open Beta

Now in public beta, EY's new review service assesses code quality and checks for malware.

2019/11/05 11:20


トークン・タクソノミー・イニシアティブ(TTI。Token Taxonomy Initiative)は11月4日、トークン構築に関する標準化仕様「トークン分類フレームワーク(TTF) V 1.0」を発表した。TTFは、プラットフォームや技術、トークン実装方法に関係なく、任意のトークンがどのようなものか、開発者・企業・法務関係者・規制当局が(非技術用語で)理解できるよう、定義・用語を定めたものとなっている。

2019/08/16 13:15

A Big Four Audit Firm Lost $1 Million In Bitcoin. Victims Are Losing Patience

QuadrigaCX creditors are losing patience with their court-appointed law firm, demanding answers about the effort to recover their funds.

2019/06/02 11:00

4大監査法人EYも「プライバシー強化」 仮想通貨イーサリアム上で取引内容を秘匿できる「ナイトフォール」を公開


2019/05/27 22:30

Want to Know Your Wine Is Genuine? EY Has Built a Blockchain for That

“Big Four” firm EY has built a blockchain platform for a firm that will help consumers determine wines' quality, provenance and authenticity.

2019/05/11 03:45

QuadrigaCX Has $21 Million in Assets and Owes $160 Million: EY Report

QuadrigaCX owes creditors $160 million, but only has $21 million in assets, according to court-appointed monitor EY's latest report.

2019/04/17 02:10

Auditor EY Unveils Nightfall, An Ambitious Bid to Bring Business to Ethereum

Big Four auditor EY is rolling out free software designed to help companies use the public ethereum blockchain.

2019/04/03 12:55

仮想通貨取引所クアドリガCXは倒産すべき 会計大手EYが裁判所に報告


2019/04/03 01:21

QuadrigaCX Crypto Exchange Could Soon Be Placed in Bankruptcy

EY, the court-appointed monitor for QuadrigaCX, is looking to move the exchange into bankruptcy.

2019/03/22 01:30

New Document Details Ex-QuadrigaCX Law Firm’s Conflict of Interest

Law firm Stewart McKelvey had a conflict in representing both QuadrigaCX and its CEO's widow, a new document says.

2019/03/21 06:15

Creditors Committee Formed for Collapsed Crypto Exchange QuadrigaCX

A creditors' committee has been formed for users of the failed QuadrigaCX exchange, and it includes a former Mt Gox customer.

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