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2019/05/10 17:30

A New Crypto ETF Has Just Been Filed With the U.S. SEC

A prospectus for a new bitcoin and ether-based exchange-traded fund has just been filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

2019/04/08 21:10

Societe Generale-Owned Bank Launches Blockchain Exchange Note

Kleinwort Hambros, a Societe Generale-owned bank and wealth manager, has launched a Luxembourg-listed blockchain exchange-traded note.

2019/04/02 16:35

XRP Exchange-Traded Product Goes Live on Swiss SIX Exchange

An exchange-traded product (ETP) tracking the price of the XRP cryptocurrency has gone live on Switzerland’s primary stock exchange SIX.

2018/11/19 22:40

Crypto Exchange-Traded Product to Launch on Swiss Stock Exchange

The first ever exchange-traded product tracking multiple cryptocurrencies will start trading next week on Switzerland's Six stock exchange.

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