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2022/04/21 08:37

「Web3が栄える欧州に」 仮想通貨企業がEU規制当局へビジネス環境整備求める


2020/11/27 14:18



2020/09/30 23:55

CBDCs Could Challenge US Dollar’s Dominance: Deutsche Bank

Central bank digital currencies have the potential to challenge the primacy of the U.S. dollar, according to a new report from Germany's Deutsche Bank.

2020/02/20 05:03

EU Official: We Can’t Regulate Libra Without More Details

The European Union is still trying to figure out what to do about Libra, according to a new memo.

2019/10/03 17:00

European Competition Watchdog Fears Libra’s ‘Closed Economy’

The European Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestager, is asking tough questions of Libra over its potential closed economy.

2019/08/21 17:13

Facebook Libra Already Facing an EU Antitrust Probe: Report

Facebook is reportedly already under investigation by the EU over antitrust issues related to its Libra cryptocurrency project.

2019/06/06 02:30

Malta Needs to Up Its AML Game As Crypto Sector Grows, Says EU

Malta should increase its anti-money laundering policing to match the growth in financial and crypto services, according to the EU.

2019/04/04 13:00

EU Blockchain Group Launches With SWIFT, Ripple Onboard

Over 100 firms including SWIFT, IBM and Ripple have joined a blockchain association officially launched by the European Commission today.

2019/01/09 21:00

European Finance Regulators Call for Bloc-Wide Crypto Rules

Two top European finance regulators, the EBA and the ESMA, have separately said today that cryptocurrency and ICO rules are needed at the EU level.

2018/11/22 22:00

Major Banks Sign Up for New EU Commission Blockchain App Association

The European Commission, the EU's executive body, is launching a blockchain app association next year and already has major banks on board.

2018/09/10 21:00

'Crypto Assets Are Here to Stay,' Says EU Commission Vice President

The European Commission will conclude a regulatory assessment of crypto assets this year, because "they are here to stay," says an official.

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