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2020/02/29 00:50

Ethereum’s DAOs Continue to Gain Momentum

Ethereum’s largest hackathon in North America, ETHDenver, showcased DAOs for event management and more.

2020/02/17 02:00

Why Bison Trails Is Staying the Course on Libra

"When we joined the Libra Association, it wasn't like, 'Oh, hey, Facebook is doing something let's join.' It's really about the difference we're making in the world," said Bison Trails' Viktor Bunin.

2020/02/16 06:00

Exploit During ETHDenver Reveals Experimental Nature of Decentralized Finance

A $350,000 hack casts light on the problem of depending on single price oracles.

2020/02/07 06:00

Join Us in Denver Next Week

Join us in Denver for a reader meet and greet.

2020/01/30 01:00

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis to Speak at ETHDenver Conference

For the first time, ETHDenver is officially partnering with Colorado's state government.

2019/11/02 01:36

Crypto Burner Wallets Helped an IT Conference Give $40,000 to Charity

Publicly-traded analytics firm Splunk gave 10,000 conference attendees ERC-20 burner wallets. Three non-profits received over $40,000 as a result.

2019/02/18 18:00

Ethereum Scaling Tech Monoplasma Wants to Let Dapps Broadcast Crypto

A new ethereum scaling solution called Monoplasma was announced today by blockchain data platform Streamr.

2019/02/18 11:00

Crypto Securities Are Years Away from Mainstream, Technologists Say

Panelists at ETHDenver agree that despite projections, crypto securities lack the current infrastructure to go mainstream.

2019/02/18 00:30

ConsenSys-Backed Rhombus Reveals New Products for Ethereum Developers

Connecting blockchain with real-world data, Consensys-backed ethereum startup Rhombus announces exclusive new tools for developers at hackathon ETHDenver.

2019/02/17 23:00

Rethink, Renew: ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees to Rebrand Crypto Exchange

In a panel discussion on leadership at ethereum hackathon ETHDenver, Erik Voorhees – founder of cryptocurrency exchange platform ShapeShift –spoke frankly about the tough decisions both he and his team have made in recent months.

2019/02/16 05:00

Decentralized Finance Emerges as Banner Topic at Ethereum Denver Conference

ETHDenver kicked off with an address by Aave CEO Stani Kulechov about a hot new wave of decentralized finance applications.

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