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2020/11/12 16:57



2020/02/18 18:46

Erik Voorhees: Within Five Years There Will Be a Major Financial Meltdown and Crypto Will Be Ready

When ShapeShift implemented KYC requirements, Erik Voorhees lost 95 percent of his users. But he remains as committed to crypto as ever.

2019/11/21 12:36



2019/11/20 22:00

ShapeShift Launches Exchange Token, FOX, for Commission-Free Trading

"Basically, we're trying to get people away from custodial exchanges," said ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees.

2019/05/16 08:26



2019/04/07 19:00

Even at $30, Bitcoin Was More Exciting Than Poker

Josh Rossi describes festive nights of playing poker with a who's who of the early bitcoin scene.

2019/01/09 15:35



2018/11/17 19:43

シェイプシフトCEOに降りかかった疑惑とは 米紙WSJによる「SEC調査開始」報道の詳細


2018/11/16 21:10

Erik Voorhees, Salt Lending Being Investigated by SEC, Report Says

Crypto loans startup Salt and its former CEO are said to be under investigation by the SEC, according to the The Wall Street Journal.

2018/10/02 07:10

Crypto Exchange ShapeShift Calls Money Laundering Claims 'Deceptive'

ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees condemned a Wall Street Journal investigation claiming the exchange laundered money as being "inaccurate."

2018/09/29 03:45

WSJ Investigation Alleges $88 Million Laundered Through 46 Crypto Exchanges

The Wall Street Journal claimed Friday that 46 crypto exchanges were used to launder nearly $90 million – with $9 million going through ShapeShift.

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