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2019/10/18 12:20



2019/09/27 05:45

Spencer Dinwiddie Could Decentralize Pro Sports – If Accredited Investors Want In

Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie aims to raise $13.5 million by tokenizing part of his NBA contract. Will investors take the shot?

2019/08/14 14:32

元ボクサーのマイク・タイソン、ブロックチェーンで新たな企画 若手育成でトークン発行も


2019/05/24 19:00

Hollywood Producer Raises $100 Million for Media-Focused Security Token

Proxima Media, a firm founded by film producer Ryan Kavanaugh, has raised $100 million for a token that allows investment in film, TV and music.

2018/09/01 00:00

Eminem's Latest Album 'Kamikaze' Features a Bitcoin Shout-Out

The rapper Eminem has given bitcoin's public awareness a boost with a mention of the cryptocurrency on his just-launched album "Kamikaze."

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