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2019/10/08 10:56


仮想通貨イーサリアム(ETH)の企業利用を推進する団体「イーサリアム企業連合(EEA)」は10月7日、イーサリアム財団開催の開発者向けカンファレンス「Devcon 5」において、同団体が策定した2つの標準仕様に関するセッションを実施すると発表した。EEA標準仕様が、トークンベースのブロックチェーン経済にどのように貢献しているか明らかにするという。

2019/05/14 00:00

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Publishes Latest Client Specs in Blockchain Standards Push

The EEA has published its latest client spec, which simplifies permissioning systems for enterprise blockchains, among other recommendations.

2019/04/17 22:00

Microsoft, Ethereum Group Launch Token-Building Kit for Enterprises

Microsoft and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance have corralled major firms behind a new project to help businesses design and create tokens.

2018/11/25 19:30

Amber Baldet: Don’t Force Public Blockchains ‘Down Enterprises’ Throats’

Until there are well-designed privacy features for enterprise applications on public chains, it's premature for firms to use them, says Amber Baldet.

2018/10/30 06:01

Ethereum's Biggest Enterprise Group Is Releasing New Software Specs

The largest blockchain consortium has released its latest round of specifications – the next steps to harmonizing the way big companies use ethereum.

2018/10/02 02:00

Two of Blockchain's Biggest Consortiums Just Joined Forces

The Hyperledger Project and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) have agreed to collaborate on bringing common standards to the blockchain space.

2018/07/31 17:00

BBVA Can't Hold Cryptocurrency – And That's a Problem

The bank wants to use ethereum as a notary, but regulators discourage holding even the tiny bit of ether needed to put data on the public blockchain.

2018/06/25 17:00

How Commerzbank Is Throwing Out the Business Blockchain Playbook

The German bank is building on five different blockchains, and not just to hedge its bets – it sees a multi-chain future.

2018/05/16 22:05

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Unveils Common Blockchain Standards

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance announced the release of a common technical specification at Consensus 2018 on Wednesday.

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