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2020/06/25 22:00

Base Layer Wars Heat Up With Another $12M Committed to AVA Labs’ Avalanche Blockchain

AVA Labs has closed a $12 million private token sale. The funding round – co-led by Galaxy Digital, Bitmain, Initialized and others – comes weeks before an anticipated mainnet launch.

2019/05/17 01:46

Ava Labs Exits Stealth, Launches Blockchain Testnet Based on ‘Avalanche’ Protocol

Ava Labs is out of stealth, revealing a past $6 million funding round and a new blockchain testnet backed by the Avalanche consensus protocol.

2018/06/16 19:15

仮想通貨相場が低調でもパニック不要 クジラ、先物、価格操作、規制などを専門家が分析


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