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2022/08/11 13:00



2021/10/12 12:37

仮想通貨分析企業エリプティック、6000万ドルの資金調達完了 | ソフトバンクやSBIが参加

仮想通貨リスク管理企業エリプティック(Elliptic)は、6000万ドルのシリーズCの資金調達ラウンドを完了させたと発表した。この資金調達はEvolution Equity Partnersが主導し、SBIグループやデジタルカレンシーグループなどの既存投資家に加え、ソフトバンク・ビジョン・ファンド2が新たに加わった。

2021/08/27 07:39

ビットコインATM事業者がマネロン防止目的で組合結成 チェイナリシスなどもメンバーに


2021/06/22 17:16



2020/12/31 18:00

Proposed FinCEN Rule on Crypto Wallets Would Likely Be Ineffective, Elliptic Says

Blockchain analysis firm Elliptic said the proposal could “adversely impact” existing anti-money laundering (AML) regulations.

2020/12/04 00:07

Darknet Markets Face Headwinds After Year of Mixed Results

Darknet markets are falling off the radar and watching their customer base level off.

2020/11/04 19:56

Nearly $1B in Bitcoin Moves From Wallet Linked to Silk Road

A wallet possibly belonging to early darknet market Silk Road moved almost $1 billion-worth of bitcoin early on Wednesday.

2020/10/01 22:00

CipherTrace Outlines Regulatory Gray Zones Plaguing Booming DeFi Sector

Here's how blockchain analytics firms like CipherTrace and Elliptic are viewing DeFi and DEXs after the KuCoin hack.

2020/07/21 14:10



2020/06/30 22:00

Elliptic Follows Chainalysis in Adding Zcash to Monitoring Platform

Elliptic, the blockchain analysis company, has added privacy coins zcash and horizen to its monitoring platform.

2020/06/02 10:58

‘Financial Surveillance’ or ‘Blockchain Analysis’? Human Rights Foundation Debates Elliptic

Blockchain analysis is "a euphemism" for surveillance, HRF Director Alex Gladstein told Elliptic's Tom Robinson during a debate on crypto tracing Monday.

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