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2020/04/21 18:29

分散型金融(DeFi)は「金融の主要なメカニズムになる」= 仮想通貨カストディのトラストロジーCEO


2019/11/09 09:16



2019/11/05 11:20


トークン・タクソノミー・イニシアティブ(TTI。Token Taxonomy Initiative)は11月4日、トークン構築に関する標準化仕様「トークン分類フレームワーク(TTF) V 1.0」を発表した。TTFは、プラットフォームや技術、トークン実装方法に関係なく、任意のトークンがどのようなものか、開発者・企業・法務関係者・規制当局が(非技術用語で)理解できるよう、定義・用語を定めたものとなっている。

2019/05/14 00:00

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Publishes Latest Client Specs in Blockchain Standards Push

The EEA has published its latest client spec, which simplifies permissioning systems for enterprise blockchains, among other recommendations.

2019/04/17 22:00

Microsoft, Ethereum Group Launch Token-Building Kit for Enterprises

Microsoft and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance have corralled major firms behind a new project to help businesses design and create tokens.

2019/02/13 21:00

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Is Forming a ‘Token Task Force’

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is forming a task force to create business-grade standards for tokenized assets.

2019/01/24 00:00

Nasdaq Leads $20 Million Funding Round for Blockchain Startup Symbiont

Enterprise blockchain startup Symbiont has closed a $20 million Series-B funding round led by Nasdaq Ventures.

2019/01/17 18:00

Barclays and Clearmatics Call on Coders to Help Blockchains Talk to Each Other

U.K. bank Barclays and startup Clearmatics will hold a hackathon next month to spur ideas for blockchain interoperability.

2018/10/30 12:33



2018/10/30 06:01

Ethereum's Biggest Enterprise Group Is Releasing New Software Specs

The largest blockchain consortium has released its latest round of specifications – the next steps to harmonizing the way big companies use ethereum.

2018/10/03 07:08


イーサリアム企業連合(EEA)とハイパーレッジャー は1日、企業によるブロックチェーン採用をサポートするため、相互の組織に「アソシエイトメンバー」として参加すると発表した。

2018/08/01 05:18

Forrester Research: 90% of Blockchain Initiatives by US Firms Will Never Become Operational

The U.S. market research firm Forrester Research estimates that 90 percent of blockchain initiatives by American companies will never become operational

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