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イーサリアムが急反発 FRBのタカ派政策軟化に期待感か


2021/07/27 17:15



2020/11/03 22:51

First Mover: 11 Election Talking Points on Bitcoin as TRUMP Futures Point to Loss

From a look-back to bitcoin's price reaction in November 2016 to the ramifications of a "blue wave" (or red), here's how to play the election.

2020/10/08 04:00

How Bitcoin Could Become the Reserve Asset for DeFi, Feat. Qiao Wang

Crypto trader, analyst and operator Qiao Wang looks at bitcoin’s macro resilience and why DeFi is here to stay.

2020/10/03 01:23

Money Reimagined: Trump, Crypto and Fairer Taxes

Trump's tax returns show the unfairness of the tax system and the need for reform. Blockchain governance offers some ideas.

2020/09/25 04:00

Did Corporate Insiders Perfectly Predict the Market Top?

In August, the volume of personally owned stock sold by corporate executives reached its highest level since 2015, followed by a 10% decline in the S&P500 in September.

2020/09/22 01:47

How Activist Investors Can Help the Digital Assets Industry Mature

Often demonized for acting self-interestedly, activist investors can bring much needed focus to struggling organizations. In crypto, too.

2020/09/18 09:45

2020年内に強気の仮想通貨相場にはならない=Bitcoin Birch


2020/08/01 11:53



2020/07/01 04:00

‘It Sure Doesn’t Feel Like the Greatest Economy of All Time,’ Feat. George Gammon

The host of the rapidly growing Rebel Capitalist podcast joins to talk macro, inflation and the almighty battle for ideas.

2020/06/26 18:34



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