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2019/09/12 19:15



2019/09/06 21:00

Trump’s Trade War May Be Driving Chinese Investors to Bitcoin

As the Chinese yuan falls in value due to the trade war with the U.S., there are signs that locals are increasingly moving funds into bitcoin.

2019/08/03 01:00

Ex-Trump Advisor Steve Bannon: ‘Global Populist Revolt’ Only Helps Crypto

Donald Trump's former chief strategist is bullish on crypto amidst attacks on the dollar

2019/07/17 10:53

仮想通貨ビットコイン、7日間で26%超も急落 一体なぜ?「80%調整」説も


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2019/07/12 10:33

【速報】トランプ大統領、仮想通貨に反対を表明 ビットコインやリブラを一蹴


2018/08/25 22:00

The Weirdest Prediction Markets on Augur Right Now

Many have high hopes for ethereum-based prediction market Augur; others only seem interested in using it for some old-fashioned internet trolling.

2018/07/12 06:35

Trump Task Force to Aid Crypto Crime Investigations

President Trump has signed an executive order establishing a new task force that targets consumer fraud, including those involving "digital currency."

2018/06/19 03:53

US Ethics Office: Government Officials Must Disclose Crypto Holdings

Those working for the executive branch of the U.S. government must disclose their cryptocurrency holdings, ethics officials said Monday.

2018/06/08 02:46

PotCoin Might Sponsor Dennis Rodman's Trip to Trump-Kim Summit

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman is in talks with cryptocurrency startup PotCoin to have the latter sponsor a trip to the U.S.-North Korea summit.

2018/05/03 03:32



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