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2020/06/03 22:09

Coincheck Customers Fall Victim to Data Breach After Domain Account Error

Coincheck's .com domain had been "in a state where it could be acquired." No funds have been lost, the firm said.

2019/10/01 21:10

Ethereum Name Service Auction Exploited to Grab Apple Domain – And It Can’t Be Undone

A bug in an ENS auction was exploited, allowing several domains like "apple.eth" to be nabbed by an attacker. The only recourse is to ask for them back.

2019/04/24 17:00

The Ethereum Name Service Is Turning Nearly 300,000 .ETH Domains Into NFTs

Ethereum's domain registration service is gearing up for major changes, including faster registration, tradeable domains and an annual fee.

2018/10/06 00:15

Chinese University Proposes Managing Web Domains On a Blockchain

A patent application by the Shenzhen Graduate School outlines a blockchain platform for managing top-level web domains.

2018/09/06 00:00

XYZ: Ethereum Is Getting Another Popular Domain Name

The Ethereum Name Service has added support for .xyz domains, meaning users can now claim the URL for their wallets or other products on ethereum.

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