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2022/11/25 13:30

FTXへのハッキング事件 取引所の資産保護が必要なことを示した=バハマ証券委員会


2019/01/30 00:03

Swiss Startup to Produce ‘Banknotes’ for Marshall Islands’ Official Cryptocurrency

Swiss crypto wallet maker Tangem says the Marshall Islands has selected it to produce physical "notes" for its planned national digital currency.

2018/09/14 21:59

Medici-Backed Bitsy Launches User-Friendly Crypto Wallet to Boost Adoption

Bitsy, a Medici Ventures portfolio firm, wants to spur crypto adoption with the launch of an ultra-simple, beginner-friendly wallet.

2018/07/24 13:00

A New Bitcoin Wallet Fulfills an Old Privacy Promise

These cypherpunk crypto wallet projects want to bring fungibility to bitcoin.

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