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2019/04/04 12:10

仮想通貨の短期的損失 去年の5倍に【米確定申告サービスが提供】


2019/03/25 21:00

Blockchain Financial Plumbing Is Still Years Away, Says LSE Spinoff Exactpro

Exactpro, which tests software for stock exchanges, says it could be years before blockchains can safely connect to existing post-trade systems.

2019/03/19 22:00

Digital Asset Names New CEO to Succeed Blythe Masters

Enterprise blockchain startup Digital Asset has named co-founder Yuval Rooz as the company’s new chief executive officer.

2019/03/15 11:43



2019/03/15 05:45

Digital Asset Loses Another Exec and a High-Profile Board Member

Wall Street superstar Sallie Krawchek has quietly left the board of Digital Asset, and the manager of the firm's DAML product has returned to banking.

2019/03/12 08:09

米連邦保安局 押収した仮想通貨を管理するコントラクター探す

米連邦保安局(USMS)は、USMSの調査で押収された仮想通貨の処分やカストディ (資産管理)のコントラクターを探す計画を立てていることが明らかになった。

2019/03/08 18:30



2019/02/28 14:30

ロシアのプーチン大統領 2019年夏までに仮想通貨規制の整備を命じる


2019/02/22 03:30

Digital Asset’s Europe Head Is Latest to Leave Enterprise Blockchain Startup

The upheaval continues at Digital Asset, with the news that Gavin Wells will step down as head of Europe.

2019/02/14 04:35

Digital Asset Loses Second CTO in 6 Months as Startup Shake-up Continues

James Powell, CIO and CTO of engineering at Digital Asset, has left the enterprise blockchain startup after just six months.

2018/11/12 22:15

Accenture Puts Software License Management on a Blockchain Platform

Accenture has rolled out a new software license management application built with distributed ledger tech from Digital Asset.

2018/10/31 22:00

Hong Kong Stock Exchange Taps Digital Asset for Post-Trade Blockchain Trial

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange has teamed up with DLT startup Digital Asset to develop a blockchain platform for post-trade processing.

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