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2019/12/20 15:55

ロシアのダイヤモンド生産大手、中国ウィーチャットとダイヤモンド販売展開へ ブロックチェーンでトレーサビリティ保証【ニュース】


2019/05/07 03:30

DUST Adds Physical Products to the Blockchain

New diamond coatings promise to connect physical objects to blockchains. Now users of SAP's cloud service can try it out.

2019/05/02 21:00

Diamond Standard Launches Blockchain-Powered Token Backed by Real Gems

A new startup is looking to make diamonds as attractive to institutional investors as gold.

2019/03/28 19:00

Blockchain Exchange Secures $50 Million in Diamonds for ETF Launch

Blockchain-based trading platform CEDEX says it now has a trader inventory of 6,000 diamonds as it moves towards launching a diamond ETF.

2018/10/30 10:30

Russian Diamond Giant Signs Onto De Beers' Blockchain Tracking Platform

Alrosa, the world's second-largest diamond producer, is joining the blockchain pilot program spearheaded by De Beers to trace the stones' provenance.

2018/07/12 18:30

Cartier Owner Richemont Plans to Track Diamonds With Blockchain

A board member at Swiss luxury goods maker Richemont has said the firm will use blockchain to bring transparency to its supply chain.

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