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2020/10/10 01:43

US Homeland Security Funds Anti-Forgery Blockchain Projects in Latest R&D Round

The five companies will use DLT in food tracing, essential worker licensure, overhauling the Social Security Number system and tracking e-commerce.

2020/02/28 22:00

ICE’s New Intel Program Used in Every Homeland Security Crypto Investigation

ICE’s recently revealed “Cryptocurrency Intelligence Program” is deployed in all crypto-facing Homeland Security investigations, says the agent whose unit built the tool.

2020/02/14 10:08

MIT Wasn’t Only One Auditing Voatz – Homeland Security Did Too, With Fewer Concerns

A newly declassified DHS cyber audit complicates Thursday’s reports of major security vulnerabilities in the Voatz mobile voting app.

2019/11/17 12:00


米国土安全保障省(DHS) 科学技術局(S&T)は11月14日、ブロックチェーンセキュリティ技術の開発のため、バージニア州拠点の「デジタル・バザール」(Digital Bazaar)に19万9984ドル(約2175万円)を授与した。2018年12月に募集した、ブロックチェーン基盤の電子文書偽造・模造防止案において、概念実証デモ(フェーズ1)を実現した企業への資金提供としている。

2019/11/11 19:20

US Homeland Security Taps Canadian Blockchain Firm to Track Oil Imports

DHS has hired Mavennet to track oil imports into the U.S. by retrofitting existing tracking technology with blockchain.

2018/12/07 14:06

米国土安全保障省 偽造対策にブロックチェーン、スタートアップに解決案を募る


2018/12/06 18:00

US Government Offering Up to $800K for Anti-Forgery Blockchain Solutions

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is seeking to fund anti-counterfeiting solutions from blockchain startups with grants of up to $800,000.

2018/12/04 03:01

US Government Is Interested in Tracking Privacy Coins, New Document Shows

A pre-solicitation published by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security asks about conducting forensic analysis on privacy coins like zcash and monero.

2018/10/05 10:25



2018/06/18 18:00

Factom Blockchain Project Wins Grant to Protect US Border Patrol Data

The Department of Homeland Security has awarded a grant to blockchain project Factom for live testing a platform for securing camera and sensor data.

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