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2020/11/04 06:52

Uniswap’s Retroactive Airdrop Vote Put Free Money on the Campaign Trail

A detailed blow-by-blow of one of the most closely watched governance decisions in the history of DeFi.

2020/11/03 01:00

DeFi Trading App Dharma Now Connects Directly to US Bank Accounts

The startup for trading in decentralized finance (DeFi), Dharma, has now enabled automated clearing house (ACH) purchases in 10 U.S. states.

2020/11/02 04:56

Uniswap Proposal to Airdrop More UNI Falls Short in Governance Vote

The votes were staggeringly in favor, but a quorum was not reached, and Uniswap’s second-ever governance proposal has been defeated.

2019/08/30 01:54

Crypto Lender Dharma Pivots to Stablecoin Savings Accounts

Dharma is getting out of the lending business, launching its V2 on the Compound protocol and focusing on savings accounts for DAI and USDC.

2019/07/12 10:48

ブロックチェーン系スタートアップの支援プログラム開始 |アマゾンやフィデリティ、イーサリアム財団などが支援パートナーに

「イデオ・コラボ(IDEO CoLab)」は7月11日、ブロックチェーン系スタートアップ企業を支援する取り組み「スタートアップ・スタジオ」の開始を発表した。イデオ・コラボは、米国拠点のデザインコンサルタント企業イデオの投資部門。また支援パートナーとして、投資信託企業フィデリティ、会計事務所デロイト・トウシュ・トーマツ、アマゾンなどが挙げられている。

2019/04/26 21:00

DeFi Upstart Dharma Brokers $6.4 Million in Crypto Loans in First 3 Weeks

Riding a wave of interest in crypto lending, Dharma is becoming a lucrative way to arbitrage the DAI stablecoin.

2019/04/09 01:00

Crypto Lender Dharma Officially Launches on Ethereum Blockchain

Dharma, the lending startup with backing from Coinbase and Polychain, wants to make peer-to-peer crypto loans accessible to all.

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