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2020/06/03 05:09

The Decentralized Web Has Plans, if Not Solutions, to the Misinformation Nightmare

Donald Trump's recent spat with Twitter over the limits of free speech poses a question: Could decentralized media do better? It hasn't yet, as Civil and TruStory show, but Jack Dorsey wants to test some ideas.

2018/10/26 13:00

Crypto Investing May Have Finally Met Its Tinder Match

Meet Jeff Morris, Jr., who's the director of product at online dating provider Tinder, but also a venture capitalist in the crypto space.

2018/09/18 00:30

Cloudflare Launches Decentralized Web Gateway at Its First 'Crypto Week'

Cloudflare intends to announce a new cryptography-related product every day this week. The first: a gateway to access the InterPlanetary File System.

2018/07/31 12:30

Bitcoin's Second-Ever Developer Is Back (With a Big Vision for Crypto)

The first developer to code alongside Satoshi couldn't stay away from crypto for long. He's now helping to launch a new token.

2018/05/16 22:18

Blockstack Announces 'Universal' Dapp Store for the Decentralized Web

Blockstack announced, a decentralized app store aimed at bringing together all dapps for users' convenience.

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