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2020/09/02 01:21

New Malware Spotted in the Wild That Puts Cryptocurrency Wallets at Risk

Using forked code from Loki malware, Anubis can steal cryptocurrency wallet IDs, system info, credit card details and other information.

2019/09/12 11:55

Bobby Lee Returns With Ballet, a Crypto Hardware Wallet for the Masses

More than a year after he sold one of China's longest-running bitcoin exchanges, Bobby Lee, co-founder and former CEO of BTCC, is back.

2018/10/18 01:16

F2Pool Founder's Crypto Wallet Startup Raises $13 Million in New Funding

Cobo, the crypto wallet created by F2Pool's founder, has raised $13 million from NEO and DHVC to expand its staking pool with a cold wallet launch.

2018/05/31 21:45

IDG Backs Crypto Wallet imToken with $10 Million Investment

China-based crypto wallet startup imToken announced on Thursday that it has closed a $10 million Series A round fully funded by IDG Capital.

2018/05/27 18:40

Leadership Shifts to Usher in New Era for Monero Cryptocurrency

New leaders with ambitious business strategies are on the rise within monero, seeking "usability for ordinary people."

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