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2018/08/16 17:00

There's a Huge Opportunity for Everyone in Crypto, It's Called KYC/AML

If our goal is mass adoption, blockchain and crypto firms should work closely with regulators and come up with new ways to solve big thorny problems.

2018/08/10 00:30

Blockchain Research Institute Report Calls for Crypto Regulation Clarity

Recently, BRI published a report authored by Tapscott recounting the takeaways from a roundtable discussion held in May on cryptocurrency regulation.

2018/08/03 17:00

G20 Crypto Regulations Could Unleash Real Blockchain Change

Increased regulation, as long as it is done with industry cooperation and the aim of de-risking the broader market, will hasten blockchain adoption.

2018/07/21 06:00

Malta Says Crypto Rules Aren't Yet In Force

The latest crypto laws passed on the island of Malta haven't quite taken effect just yet.

2018/07/02 13:00

Crypto Startups Don't Need Sandboxes, They Need Greenhouses

"Sandbox" is a bad term to describe these regulatory programs, under which financial technology solutions can be safely seeded, fed, and controlled.

2018/06/27 11:00

Japan's Finance Minister Balks at Changing Crypto Tax Rules

Japan's top financial official is cautious about the idea of his nation changing how it taxes gains from cryptocurrencies.

2018/06/08 05:51

Putin: Russia Should Explore Blockchain to Avoid Finance 'Limitations'

Russian president Vladimir Putin is still skeptical about cryptocurrencies, he said Thursday.

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