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2022/10/26 13:15


テック大手アップルは、非代替性トークン(NFT)と仮想通貨取引所に関するApp Storeのルールを明確化し、NFTに関する特定のルールを成分化した。

2020/12/31 18:00

Proposed FinCEN Rule on Crypto Wallets Would Likely Be Ineffective, Elliptic Says

Blockchain analysis firm Elliptic said the proposal could “adversely impact” existing anti-money laundering (AML) regulations.

2020/06/12 18:47

Xapo Suspends Credit Card Crypto Purchases, Shifts Operations to Gibraltar

Xapo is making changes as it transforms into a digital bank launching later this year.

2019/05/10 22:00

What’s Holding Back Bitcoin in Venezuela? This Group Is Investigating

The Open Money Initiative is bringing insights from Venezuela to help crypto startups make better tools for people in distressed economies.

2019/01/14 14:00

This $100K Luxury Swiss Watch Will Have a Built-In Crypto Wallet

A. Favre & Fils, a luxury Swiss watchmaker that traces its history back three centuries, is developing a mechanical timepiece with a built-in crypto wallet.

2018/10/05 21:30

VOIP Pioneer Says New Startup Is Paying Users Interest on Millions in Crypto

Led by Alex Mashinsky, crypto lending startup Celsius says it's paying thousands of users interest for depositing bitcoin and ether in its wallet app.

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