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2020/02/29 06:35

Chinese Crypto and Blockchain Firms Grapple With Coronavirus Outbreak

The outbreak has complicated tech upgrades, product development, logistics and business travel at crypto exchanges and other blockchain firms in China.

2020/02/29 05:41

As Fed Contemplates Coronavirus-Prompted Easing, Bitcoin Traders Bet on Halving

Investors are betting the Fed will quickly slash rates amid coronavirus jitters. Whether they turn to bitcoin as a crisis hedge remains to be seen.

2020/02/29 05:00

Understanding This Week’s Market Whiplash, Featuring Scott Melker

What one of the worst weeks in recent history can teach us about market fundamentals, featuring prominent crypto trader Scott Melker.

2020/02/29 04:04

Coronavirus Is Changing How Crypto Markets Are Trading

Cryptocurrency traders are contending with volatile markets due to the coronavirus).

2020/02/28 07:28

Coronavirus Hits US Stocks, Bitcoin Climbs, Haven Status Unclear

The spreading coronavirus sowed a new bout of fear among investors, triggering a stock market sell-off and flight to safe-haven assets like gold and U.S. Treasury bonds.

2020/02/15 05:00

The Top Narratives Driving Crypto Market Growth, Feat. Travis Kling

The halving? Coronavirus and volatility? Fed action? Listeners vote on what's driving crypto growth.

2020/02/09 10:00


中国のスタートアップ企業FUZAMEI(杭州复杂美科技有限公司)は2月7日、慈善活動に特化したブロックチェーン・プラットフォーム「33チャリティー(33 Charity)」の立ち上げを発表した。ブロックチェーン技術により、寄付プロセスの透明性と信頼性を高めるという。

2020/02/08 02:00

Crypto News Roundup for Feb. 7, 2020

With bitcoin meeting new resistance at $9850, Markets Daily is back with our daily news roundup

2020/02/07 20:00

Coronavirus Concerns Cause Another Crypto Event to Be Postponed

A crypto conference planned for Hong Kong in March is one of several postponed over concerns about the coronavirus outbreak.

2020/02/07 14:14

China’s Coronavirus Whistleblower Is Now Memorialized on Ethereum

Someone has just created a smart contract on the ethereum blockchain with source codes in the shape of a monument in memorial of Dr. Li Wenliang, the whistleblower of China's coronavirus outbreak who died of the disease.

2020/02/06 17:52



2020/02/01 02:00

Listen to Elon Musk’s Latest EDM Beats on the CoinDesk Crypto Roundup

We've got the 'hawt' new single from Tesla CEO Elon Musk and as bitcoin ends its best January ever, traders eye a price move above the psychological level of $10,000.

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