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2019/10/02 02:00

South Korean Court Issues Landmark Decision on Crypto Exchange Hacking

The Seoul court ruled that a hacking is not the responsibility of an exchange but a transfer of funds is.

2019/08/08 08:30

South Korean Crypto Exchange Signs With Security Companies to Lock Down Tokens

Coinone has partnered with two security and disclosure firms to ensure compliance with South Korea's new cryptocurrency regulations.

2019/02/17 09:37


韓国の取引所であるCoinoneは3月にATOMを上場させるさせることをアナウンスした。独自のプロモーションビデオまで作り上げており、かなり力を入れていることが伺える。 2019년 3월, 코스모스 네트워크 #ATOM 코인원에 상장될 예정입니다. ATOM of Cosmos Network will be listed on #Coinone in March 2019. pic.twit [...]

2018/12/12 01:00

Coinone Exchange Launches Cross-Border Payments App With Ripple Tech

South Korean crypto exchange Coinone has launched Cross, an app providing cross-border remittances using Ripple's xCurrent product.

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