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2021/05/06 08:17

ゴールドマン・サックスが主導 コインメトリックスの1500万ドルの資金調達


2021/04/29 16:30

「100日前にドージコインに100ドル投資すれば、今は2742ドルに」 仮想通貨巡る100の魅力的な事実


2020/10/01 23:40

Total Stablecoin Supply Nearly Doubled in Q3, Adding Record $8B

“2020 seems to be the year of stablecoins,” said Tether CTO.

2020/04/01 04:00

Nic Carter: ‘If You’re Not Radicalized, You’re Not Paying Attention’

Castle Island Ventures and Coin Metrics co-founder joins to discuss cascading crises, crypto dollarization and the state of the bitcoin narrative.

2020/01/30 02:01

Most of MakerDAO’s Asset Value Is in Only a Few Addresses

Though the industry is growing rapidly, a very small portion of addresses hold the majority of assets being locked and borrowed in the DeFi space.

2019/02/28 01:00

Fidelity Joins $1.9 Million Round in Blockchain Data Startup Coin Metrics

Coin Metrics, an open-source data research project, will now offer commercial services to institutional investors.

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