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2019/04/18 00:50

Winklevoss Capital, Charlie Shrem Settle $26 Million Bitcoin Lawsuit

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have settled their case against Charlie Shrem, whom they previously claimed owed them $26 million worth of bitcoin.

2019/02/08 12:30

Winklevoss Ordered to Pay $45K Worth of Charlie Shrem’s Legal Fees

The court filing is the latest in a high-profile lawsuit that has pitted three high-profile cryptocurrency industry personalities and business partners against each other.

2018/11/09 09:35

Judge Lifts Order to Freeze Charlie Shrem's Assets in Winklevoss Case

A federal judge lifted a $30 million attachment order against Charlie Shrem Thursday, though the case will proceed to a jury trial next year.

2018/11/07 04:46

Charlie Shrem Says He Never Owned Bitcoin Claimed Stolen By Winklevosses

In a new court filing, Charlie Shrem denies claims that he stole 5,000 bitcoin from Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss.

2018/11/03 09:33



2018/11/02 20:30

Winklevoss Brothers Sue Charlie Shrem Over $32 Million in Bitcoin

The Winklevoss twins are reportedly suing bitcoin entrepreneur Charlie Shrem over 5,000 bitcoin allegedly owed to them from a past business deal.

2018/10/20 19:00

Bitcoin's White Paper Gave Us Liberty – Let's Not Give It Back

Charlie Shrem, one of bitcoin's earliest entrepreneurs, believes Satoshi's white paper is about more than just technology.

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