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2020/02/29 08:30

Crypto Firms Tout Dispersed Workforce as Coronavirus Contingency Plan

They don’t need to shut their headquarters; they don’t have headquarters.

2020/02/06 17:20



2020/01/30 06:15

Better Regulation Could Curb Crypto Scams, Chainalysis Report Says

Chainalysis’ 2019 crime report found illicit activities accounted for roughly 1 percent of overall crypto transactions last year, and better enforcement of anti-money laundering and know-your-customer regulations could stamp out a large portion of that.

2019/12/15 11:00



2019/12/15 10:00


仮想通貨リスク(Lisk/LSK)の開発企業ライトカーブ(Lightcurve)は12月10日、全従業員53名の約40%にあたる21名を解雇したと発表した。入社予定だった3名の契約も打ち切ったという。Liskおよびライトカーブの共同設立者マックス・コーデック(Max Kordek)氏は、コスト削減が目的だと明らかにした。

2019/11/29 00:00

WATCH: Chainalysis Chief Economist Wants Crypto to Move Past ‘Buying Drugs on the Silk Road’

Chainalysis’ chief economist sits down with Daniel Kuhn to talk about how to cut crypto use in the cybercrime ghetto.

2019/11/22 12:21



2019/11/22 11:45



2019/11/22 06:00

Blockchain Sleuthing Firm Chainalysis Slashes 20% of Workforce

Chainalysis laid off 39 employees Thursday citing the need for a "path to profitability."

2019/10/03 22:30

Chainalysis Adds More ERC-20 Tokens to Crypto Sleuthing Service

Chainalysis’ expansion brings its compliance and tracking software – a favorite among federal investigators – to a larger swath of ERC-20 tokens.

2019/10/02 22:00

Ripple’s Xpring Launches Crypto, Fiat Payments That Integrate Into Any App

Xpring says its tech uses XRP ledger to make it possible for developers to integrate payments into any application.

2019/09/26 22:00

Bittrex Adopts Chainalysis KYT Software to Flag Suspicious Activity

Bittrex's implementation of the intelligence software may help prevent bad actors from operating on the American exchange.

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