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2020/05/12 15:55



2020/05/12 09:54

中央銀行デジタル通貨 「今後数か月の間に実験を開始」 ECB専務理事が発言


2020/04/04 06:17

BIS Researchers Say Coronavirus Could Spur Central Banks to Adopt Digital Payments

BIS researchers think COVID-19 may accelerate the adoption of digital payments and sharpen the debate over central bank digital currencies.

2020/03/15 12:00



2020/03/11 18:00

That Noise You’re Hearing? Central Banks Struggling to Evolve

Noelle Acheson looks at the evolving role of central banks in the context of the current crisis, and what that could mean for crypto.

2020/03/02 02:00

BIS Paper Reckons With P2P Payments, Tokenized Securities, Central Bank Digital Currencies

Researchers at the Bank for International Settlements say the future of payments may be peer-to-peer, but a number of considerations must be satisfied before distributed ledger-based systems can go mainstream.

2020/02/24 16:00

Central Bankers From Canada, Netherlands, Ukraine Call Blockchain Unnecessary for Digital Fiat

Central bank digital currencies have been a hot topic in blockchain circles recently, but central banks are lukewarm about blockchains.

2020/01/04 10:50

ECB、デジタル通貨の預金金利 「魅力的でない水準」への引き下げを提案 金融危機時を想定【ニュース】


2020/01/01 02:00

In Race for 2030 Currency Supremacy, the Dollar Is Its Own Worst Enemy

As the roaring '20s begin, the U.S. dollar looks as strong as ever. But signs of decline are on the horizon.

2019/12/12 10:17



2019/11/29 21:42

Russian Central Bank Says It Would Support Crypto Ban

The Bank of Russia has backed a potential ban on cryptocurrency payments, according to a state news agency.

2019/11/27 07:36



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