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2020/10/23 22:48

Digital Ruble ‘Promising,’ Pilot Likely in 2021, Says Bank of Russia Chief

The Bank of Russia might launch its own CBDC, a digital ruble, after piloting the project at the end of next year, its chairwoman said.

2020/10/23 02:38

Philippines Central Bank Governor: No Digital Peso Before 2023

The central bank won’t pursue a CBDC for the duration of Governor Benjamin Diokno's term, which ends in 2023.

2020/09/18 18:30



2020/09/10 17:33



2020/08/25 10:06



2020/07/02 18:38

Sri Lanka’s Blockchain Bank KYC Platform to Enter Development ‘Shortly’: Central Bank

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka is about to decide who will develop a blockchain platform that could speed up the processing of bank users' ID information.

2020/07/01 06:17

Zimbabwe Halts Mobile Transactions as Hyperinflation Spurs Currency Flight

Zimbabwe's central bank, seeking to block attempts to avoid the country’s hyperinflation, halted all transactions conducted by "mobile money agents" this week.

2020/06/25 16:25



2020/06/17 02:04

Canada’s Central Bank Is Serious About Designing a CBDC, Job Posting Reveals

The Bank of Canada is preparing to design its own central bank digital currency (CDBC), detailing its plans in a new job posting.

2020/06/15 21:17

S. Korea’s Central Bank Forms Legal Panel to Advise on Possible Digital Currency Launch

The Bank of Korea has set up a legal panel to advise on possible regulatory sticking points for a future CBDC issuance.

2020/05/28 22:32

Bank of Russia Wants to Put Mortgage Issuance on a Blockchain

Russia's is eyeing use cases for blockchain even as proposed legislation will clamp down on crypto.

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