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2018/06/26 20:00

2 APAC Nations Have Ruled Out Central Bank Digital Currencies

The central banks of both Australia and New Zealand have said they do not plan to create their own digital currencies – at least for now.

2018/06/22 04:01

Ex-FDIC Chair Bair: 'I Welcome' New Rules for Crypto

Former FDIC chair Sheila Bair thinks the U.S. needs to create an entirely new regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies.

2018/06/21 05:15

Trump Official Argues for 'Sweet Spot' in Crypto Regulation

The U.S. government needs to develop reasonable regulations around the nascent cryptocurrency space, said OMB director Mick Mulvaney.

2018/06/20 21:00

Brazil's Central Bank Plans Blockchain Data Exchange for Regulators

Banco Central do Brasil is building a blockchain platform to ensure the authenticity of data exchanged between financial authorities.

2018/06/19 17:00

Central Banks Will Jump-Start the Decentralization of Money

While the thought may disappoint cypherpunks, the first step of a transition toward a true "money of the people" will be implemented by central banks.

2018/06/19 01:15

Bank of Korea: Central Bank Cryptocurrencies Pose 'Moral Hazard'

South Korea's central bank has announced that it does not plan to launch its own digital currency over fears it could destabilize the economy.

2018/06/16 05:00

Bank of International Settlements to Publish New Crypto Research

The Bank of International Settlements intends to publish two cryptocurrency-focused chapters of its annual report this weekend.

2018/06/12 15:10

The EU Wants to Hear Your Questions About Blockchain

The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum is hosting a live AMA session to let the general public ask any questions they have about blockchain.

2018/05/31 15:03

Hong Kong Official Rules Out Plan for Central Bank Digital Currency

Hong Kong's de facto central bank has no plan to issue a central bank digital currency (CBDC), a government official said on Wednesday.

2018/05/24 20:00

Russian Institutions to Trial Central Bank ICO Platform

Two financial institutions are set to test a regulatory platform set up by the Bank of Russia that aims to make ICOs more transparent and secure.

2018/05/24 00:00

Norway's Central Bank Mulls Digital Currency as Cash Use Declines

Norges Bank has released a report suggesting it might one day launch a digital currency as citizens continue to turn away from physical money.

2018/05/23 03:00

India's Supreme Court to Hold Crypto Lawsuit Hearing in July

The Supreme Court of India has decided to hear crypto-related cases with respect to the news from RBI stopping banks from dealing with cryptos.

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