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2020/06/25 21:00

CBDC Issuance Is ‘Not a Reaction’ to Libra, Says Central Bank Body

The Bank for International Settlements appears to contradict its own prior statements in a new digital payments report.

2020/03/06 22:26

India’s Central Bank Plans to Fight Supreme Court Crypto Ruling

The Reserve Bank of India reportedly plans to return to the supreme court to ask for a review of a ruling that overturned its ban on banking access for crypto firms.

2020/03/03 19:00

Even With CBDCs, the State Won’t Forfeit Its Power Over Money

Nothing is more centralizing than a state’s control over decentralized technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrency, says law professor and blockchain adviser James Cooper.

2020/02/20 17:30

Brazil’s Central Bank to Launch Near-Instant Payments as a Response to Cryptocurrencies

The PIX payments system is coming to Brazil next winter, promising almost instant transfers for individuals and businesses.

2019/11/20 21:16

Fed Reserve Evaluating Digital Dollar But Benefits Still Unclear, Says Chairman

Jerome Powell has said his institution is looking into the possibility of developing a digital currency, but the option throws up many policy questions and unclear benefits.

2019/11/16 06:00

Stablecoin Crisis Could Wreck Global Finance, Fed Warns in New Report

The Fed warned that a stablecoin crisis could wreak havoc on the global economy and outlined the steps issuers must take to protect the status quo. 

2019/11/13 02:15

China Central Bank Official: Digital Yuan Should Have ‘Controllable Anonymity’

China's proposed digital yuan should strike a balance between protecting privacy and regulatory enforcement, a central bank official said.

2019/11/11 22:30

ECB’s Benoit Coeure to Lead Central Banking Digital Currency Initiative

Coeure is to lead the new BIS Innovation Hub in researching and perhaps developing fintech with benefits, such as digital currencies.

2019/11/11 18:40

MAS, JPMorgan Build Payments System With Inter-Blockchain Connectivity

Working with JPMorgan and Temasek, Singapore's central bank has developed a prototype blockchain-based cross border payments system.

2019/10/30 04:00

China Announces New Regulatory Authority to Certify Digital Payments, Blockchain Products

China’s central bank will certify a list of fintech products that are widely used for digital payment and blockchain services with its verification system.

2019/10/29 05:30

How Lebanon’s Economic Crisis Highlights Bitcoin’s Limitations

Bitcoin users in Lebanon have numerous hurdles to overcome to develop a local market during the nation's economic crisis.

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