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2020/06/25 16:25



2020/06/17 03:42

In the Wildcat Era of Stablecoins, Commercial Banks Have New Rails to Ride

Today's stablecoin market mirrors the “wildcat banking” era of the mid-1800s, when banks printed their own dollars. Like then, federal intervention is likely.

2020/06/17 02:04

Canada’s Central Bank Is Serious About Designing a CBDC, Job Posting Reveals

The Bank of Canada is preparing to design its own central bank digital currency (CDBC), detailing its plans in a new job posting.

2020/06/15 21:17

S. Korea’s Central Bank Forms Legal Panel to Advise on Possible Digital Currency Launch

The Bank of Korea has set up a legal panel to advise on possible regulatory sticking points for a future CBDC issuance.

2020/05/29 22:00

Digital Dollar Project Calls for 2-Tiered Distribution System in First White Paper for US CBDC

The Digital Dollar Project's first white paper describes how a two-tiered system underpinning a tokenized dollar could modernize the U.S. financial system.

2020/04/04 06:17

BIS Researchers Say Coronavirus Could Spur Central Banks to Adopt Digital Payments

BIS researchers think COVID-19 may accelerate the adoption of digital payments and sharpen the debate over central bank digital currencies.

2020/03/11 18:00

That Noise You’re Hearing? Central Banks Struggling to Evolve

Noelle Acheson looks at the evolving role of central banks in the context of the current crisis, and what that could mean for crypto.

2020/03/07 02:37

Japan Doesn’t Need a Digital Yen, Asserts BOJ Official

A digital yen could have serious unintended consequences, the Bank of Japan's deputy governor warned.

2020/03/03 23:03

Algorand Blockchain Chosen as Underlying Tech for Marshall Islands’ Digital Currency

Algorand was selected following "extensive market research among the leading protocol options."

2020/03/03 19:00

Even With CBDCs, the State Won’t Forfeit Its Power Over Money

Nothing is more centralizing than a state’s control over decentralized technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrency, says law professor and blockchain adviser James Cooper.

2020/03/02 02:00

BIS Paper Reckons With P2P Payments, Tokenized Securities, Central Bank Digital Currencies

Researchers at the Bank for International Settlements say the future of payments may be peer-to-peer, but a number of considerations must be satisfied before distributed ledger-based systems can go mainstream.

2020/02/24 20:50

‘Crucial’ for Central Banks to Consider Digital Currencies: Bank of England Exec

Governments need to research digital currencies so they can strike a balance with private issuers, said the BoE's chief cashier.

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