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2020/10/15 02:13

CoinDesk Joins IMF, CFTC, Swiss FINMA at DC Fintech Week

The virtual event, which runs Oct. 19-22, brings together marquee names from Switzerland’s FINMA, Sweden’s Riksbank, Bank for International Settlements, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the International Monetary Fund to discuss stablecoin regulation, central bank digital currencies, the future of money and more.

2020/10/08 01:20

‘It’s Something We’re Studying’: Deputy Treasury Secretary Discusses US CBDC Plans

“It’s something we’re studying … [T]his is really a decision which sits as much with the Fed as it does with Treasury,” said Deputy Secretary Justin Muzinich.

2020/10/02 18:34

Digital Euro Will ‘Protect’ Eurozone from Foreign Issuers, Says ECB Exec

An executive member at the European Central Bank says a digital euro could protect the Eurozone's monetary sovereignty from outside influence.

2020/09/30 23:55

CBDCs Could Challenge US Dollar’s Dominance: Deutsche Bank

Central bank digital currencies have the potential to challenge the primacy of the U.S. dollar, according to a new report from Germany's Deutsche Bank.

2020/09/18 17:18

中央銀国デジタル通貨、オーストラリアは慎重姿勢 「強力なポリシーケースは存在せす」


2020/09/03 23:50

Bank of England Governor Wants Global Regulations as Stablecoins Pick Up Steam

Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey wants coordinated global regulation around stablecoins as the payment method picks up steam.

2020/09/02 02:31

China’s Digital Currency May Come With Hardware Wallets as Well

China Construction Bank’s brief digital yuan debut suggests that hardware wallets for the central bank digital currency may be in the works.

2020/08/25 10:06



2020/07/31 20:56

Bank of Japan Puts Top Economist in Charge of Digital Yen Initiative

The central bank's most senior economist now runs the department responsible for the digital currency task force and working group with other central banks.

2020/07/01 09:00

Senate Banking Committee Remains Open to Idea of Digital Dollar in Tuesday’s Hearing

While not every lawmaker was on board with the idea of a central bank digital currency during a Senate Banking Committee hearing Tuesday, no one explicitly rejected it either.

2020/06/26 01:05

Blockchain Bites: Rethinking Libra, Craig Wright and Something Smells Fishy in Blockchain

Craig Wright will go to trial, while IBM and a Norwegian association team up to track salmon on blockchain.

2020/06/25 21:00

CBDC Issuance Is ‘Not a Reaction’ to Libra, Says Central Bank Body

The Bank for International Settlements appears to contradict its own prior statements in a new digital payments report.

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