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2021/01/04 00:36

It’s Genesis Block Day. Do You Know Where Your Bitcoin Keys Are?

"Not your keys, not your bitcoin." This week, two events want to help you on your road to financial self sovereignty.

2020/02/01 00:00

Bitcoin Startup Casa Names New CEO as Node Service Goes Open-Source

Bitcoin startup Casa is charging into 2020 with a new look – by winding down its hardware product and shuffling its front office.

2019/12/26 16:30



2019/07/03 22:00

Casa Launches Lightning Node Mobile App for Bitcoin Newbies

Casa's new wallet aims to help aspiring cypherpunks graduate from getting their first bitcoin to running their own lightning node.

2019/03/20 23:00

Casa-Branded Case Brings Military Tech to Bitcoin Wallet Protection

Casa has just rolled out radio wave-screening "Faraday bags" as the ultimate cypherpunk accessory for bitcoin hardware wallets.

2019/03/01 16:10

Early AlphaPoint Employee Goes Full Bitcoin, Joins Casa

Michael Haley has left security token platform AlphaPoint for crypto custody provider Casa, saying he wants “to get back into good old bitcoin.”

2019/02/02 01:00

Casa’s Lightning-Enabled Bitcoin Node Just Got a Browser Extension

Cryptocurrency custody startup Casa has launched a browser extension for direct control of its lightning network-enabled bitcoin node. 

2019/02/01 18:00

Casa Is Open Sourcing Its Lightning-Enabled Hardware Bitcoin Node

Casa is open sourcing aspects of its lighting network-enabled bitcoin node and launching a browser extension for direct control of the device.

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