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2019/01/24 19:01

Hong Kong Stock Exchange CEO Casts Doubt on Crypto Miner IPO Filings

The CEO of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has seemingly questioned the IPO viability of crypto mining companies in new comments.

2019/01/08 21:45

Bitcoin Miner Maker Canaan Considering New York IPO: Report

China-based Canaan, the second largest manufacturer of bitcoin mining devices, is considering an IPO in the U.S., according to Bloomberg.

2018/09/14 01:05

A New Line of Powerful ASIC Miners Is Coming to Ethereum

Chen Min, formerly Canaan's chief chip maker, is releasing a line of ethereum ASICs through her new venture, Linzhi.

2018/05/21 22:00

Bitcoin Miner Maker Canaan Files for Hong Kong IPO

China-based Canaan Creative, one of the largest bitcoin mining hardware makers, has filed for an IPO in Hong Kong.

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