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2018/08/27 13:00

$31 Million NEX Project Could Be Biggest Casualty of Blockchain Cuts

An investigation by CoinDesk has found a flagship blockchain project by NEX group has lost dozens of employees while racking up millions in costs.

2018/08/22 17:00

The Trick to Selling Blockchain Solutions? Don't Say 'Blockchain'

Once a sure way to get a meeting, startups building blockchain solutions are focusing more on the benefits of their products than the tech itself.

2018/07/06 05:00

Bittrex and Partner on New Crypto Trading Platform

Bittrex and announced that they will partner to launch a cryptocurrency trading platform under the brand name.

2018/07/04 00:11

Court Says India's Crypto Exchange Bank Account Ban Will Continue

India's central bank won a key victory in court this week.

2018/07/03 09:55

機関投資家の巨額マネー動くか? コインベースがデジタル資産管理サービス立ち上げ


2018/07/03 09:55

機関投資家の巨額マネー動くか? コインベースがデジタル資産管理サービス立ち上げ


2018/06/30 14:30

VeChain Arrives: What to Know About the $1.5 Billion Blockchain for Business

After amassing more than $1 billion in investment, the VeChain blockchain is officially operational, marking the latest milestone for the project.

2018/06/27 11:00

Japan's Finance Minister Balks at Changing Crypto Tax Rules

Japan's top financial official is cautious about the idea of his nation changing how it taxes gains from cryptocurrencies.

2018/06/24 19:30

Crypto Tourism Is Growing – For Better or Worse

From luxury cruises to Middle East startup tours, crypto enthusiasts are traveling the world, but it's not always seen in a positive light.

2018/06/08 21:35

Mizuho Financial's Blockchain Lead Is Leaving the Firm

The blockchain lead at Mizuho Financial Group has revealed he is leaving the firm for a new role in Singapore.

2018/05/14 09:14


海運業界のスタートアップ企業ブロックシッピングが、世界中の2700万個のコンテナをリアルタイムで追跡、記録する世界初のブロックチェーン・プラットフォームを開発している。 #SPONSORED

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