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2019/10/29 21:05

Tencent to Lead Drafting of International Blockchain-Based Invoice Standards

The internet giant, which has been working on blockchain-based invoices for some time, will lead the development of new standards.

2019/10/29 07:00

Avalon Bitcoin Miner Maker Canaan Officially Files for $400 Million US IPO

Avalon bitcoin miner maker Canaan Creative has just formally filed for a $400 million US IPO.

2019/10/29 06:07

Paxos Wins SEC ‘No-Action’ Letter to Settle Equities on a Blockchain

The SEC has granted Paxos a no-action letter letting it settle equities products on a private blockchain.

2019/10/26 01:40

Bitfinex Denies Laundering, Says It’s a Victim of ‘Fraud’ by Crypto Capital

The crypto exchange released a statement Friday denying that it had any part in the payment processor's alleged money laundering.

2019/10/25 22:00

7 Mining Heavyweights Partner With WEF on Blockchain Sourcing Initiative

The World Economic Forum is building a blockchain-based sustainable sourcing project with 7 metal and mining industry firms on board.

2019/10/04 17:15

Thai Bank Backs Series A Funding for Tokenized Securities Startup iSTOX

Security token platform iSTOX has raised an undisclosed amount of Series A funding from a leading investment bank based in Thailand.

2019/10/04 16:28

Issuing Money Is for Governments, Not Private Firms: Apple CEO

Apple CEO Tim Cook has spoken out about whether his company would launch a cryptocurrency, and the answer is a firm no.

2019/10/03 23:40

Coinbase-Led Crypto Ratings Council Draws Skepticism From Legal Experts

The Crypto Rating Council is dividing legal experts, with some praising the concept and others skeptical whether it will sway the minds of regulators.

2019/10/03 20:33

Asset Manager Stone Ridge Files SEC Prospectus for Bitcoin Futures Fund

The firm's SEC prospectus details a cash-settled bitcoin futures fund offering 100,000 shares at $10 apiece.

2019/10/03 19:30

IKEA in ‘World First’ Transaction Using Smart Contracts and Licensed E-Money

IKEA Iceland has taken part in a commercial transaction using ethereum smart contracts and EU-licensed blockchain e-cash to settle an order.

2019/10/03 05:35

Samsung-Backed Blocko Launches in UAE After Dubai Blockchain Push

Enterprise blockchain provider Blocko has launched in the UAE after raising large amounts of funding in the Asia Pacific region and Europe.

2019/10/03 04:05

It’s Too Soon to Write Off Bakkt, Wall Street Analyst Tells ICE Investors

It’s way too soon to write off Bakkt, despite the bitcoin futures market’s disappointingly slow start, equity analysts at Oppenheimer & Co. said.

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