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2020/10/07 08:57


グーグルクラウド(Google Cloud)が、仮想通貨(暗号資産)EOSのブロックチェーンコミュニティに参加した。

2020/04/30 21:10

Binance, Brock Pierce Donate $1M to Puerto Rico’s COVID-19 Fight

Brock Pierce’s nonprofit and Binance say they are buying $1 million in personal protective equipment to help fight coronavirus in Puerto Rico.

2019/04/09 13:06

The Trolls Accused Me of ‘Crypto-Colonialism’ in Syria – I’m Listening

Cryptocurrency isn't colonialism in Syria – it's a step in ensuring the technological autonomy of the region.

2019/02/18 14:00

Brock Pierce, Mark Karpeles and the War of Words Over Mt Gox’s Future

Much has been made of a new attempt to launch the failed Mt. Gox exchange. What's true? CoinDesk's Nik De examines the details.

2018/06/14 17:29



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