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2020/09/22 22:01

BRD Is Breaking Into the Crypto Compliance Game

The new tech stack will provide AML and compliance tools for financial institutions, government agencies, and cryptocurrency service providers.

2020/07/02 15:00

Researchers Expose Flaw in Bitcoin Wallets That Could Be Exploited for Double-Spending

A standard way to transact Bitcoin could be vulnerable to double-spending and DoS attacks, ZenGo has found.

2020/01/18 01:01

Ripple-Backed Crypto Wallet BRD Launches Blockchain Toolbox for Enterprise Apps

The mobile wallet provider is launching a suite of tools aimed to allow blockchain developers to more easily and cheaply build apps for enterprises.

2019/10/13 07:00


<10月12日こよりが注目する仮想通貨ニュース> リップル社がウォレット開発企業に投資 米リップル社が、仮想通貨ウォレット開発企業BRD社(前Bread社)に、75万ドル(8130万円)を出資しました。仮想通貨XRPの普… 投稿 リップル社がSBI出資のウォレット開発企業に約8,000万円を投資|仮想通貨ニュース【10月12日】 は CoinMagazine(コインマガジン) に最初に表示されました。

2019/06/14 03:30

BRD Partners With Wyre to Build Bank Transfer Wallet Feature

BRD aims to compete with exchanges thanks to its addition of low-cost bank transfers.

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