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2019/11/12 06:00

BnkToTheFuture CEO: 50 Percent of Funding Will Be Through Security Tokens in 2020

BnkToTheFuture invested in a SEC-registered broker dealer to enable U.S. investors participate in security token offerings.

2019/09/13 16:00

Investing Platform BnkToTheFuture to Enable Security Token Offerings

BnkToTheFuture, a fundraising platform for fintech and blockchain companies, is gearing up to enable security token offerings (STOs).

2019/06/25 19:15

Over 2,000 Investors Back Kraken Crypto Exchange’s $13 Million Crowdfunding

The crowdfunding effort is said to have pushed Kraken's valuation towards $4 billion.

2015/11/25 04:20

Bitwage社、Orange社やDraper Associatesによる76万ドルのファンドレイズに成功

Bitwage社は今日、Tim Draper氏のDraper Associatesに次ぐ、フランス最大の電気通信会社Orange社率いる資金調達ラウンドが終了したと発表した。

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