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2021/03/14 09:31

FTXアリーナ? 海外仮想通貨取引所が米NBAマイアミヒートのスタジアムスポンサー契約締結に向け交渉中か=現地紙報道


2020/05/02 05:55

Blockfolio Quietly Patches Years-Old Security Hole That Exposed Source Code

The security vulnerability, which appeared in older versions of its application, could have allowed a bad actor to steal closed source code and possibly inject their own code into Blockfolio’s Github repository and, from there, into the app itself.

2018/09/16 13:59


新たなデザイン、新たな特徴、そしてさらなるシグナルを兼ね備えたBlockfolio2.0がまもなくリリースされるとアナウンスされた。 Countdown to blastoff!🚀Blockfolio 2.0 will soon be rolled out to all users, for free!😄 With a new design, new features, and more team [...]

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