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2020/11/16 16:10



2020/11/05 16:50

ブロックチェーン基盤の投票システムが必要だ! 仮想通貨取引所バイナンスCEOとイーサリアムのヴィタリック氏が強調


2020/08/05 00:07

Russian Voters’ Data on Sale After Blockchain Poll to Keep Putin in Power: Report

Russians voted electronically, using blockchain tech, to keep Putin in power. Now, hackers may be selling the personal data of over a million of those voters.

2020/07/02 23:56

Bug in Moscow’s Blockchain Polling System Can Reveal How Users Voted: Report

The vulnerability allowed users votes in the recent constitutional poll to be decrypted, Russian journalists found.

2019/04/19 13:02

Aragon Vote Aims to Restrict Ethereum App from Funding Polkadot Blockchain

Aragon is getting ready to vote on two contentious governance proposals. One encourages expanding operations outside of the ethereum network to include blockchain interoperability platform Polkadot. The other does not. Which proposal will Aragon token holders favor?

2019/03/21 05:30

Welcome to Athens: Tezos Completes ‘Historic’ First Blockchain Vote

Tezos – one of the 25 ranking cryptocurrencies by market capitalization – has just concluded its first round of on-chain governance voting.

2019/01/03 19:00

Thai Government Agency Develops Blockchain Tech for Elections Voting

A Thailand government agency has developed a blockchain-based solution that's set to digitalize elections voting in the country.

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