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2020/11/04 18:58

Australian Senator Touts Blockchain Tech for ‘One-Touch’ Government

An Australian senator has come out as a big fan of blockchain, saying the technology could help facilitate government processes, tighten up financial regulation and more.

2020/09/04 01:26

Saudi Arabia Pitches Blockchain-Based Business Passport to Boost Trade Finance

The passport would help businesses cut through redundant red tape and flourish across borders, Saudis said.

2020/07/02 21:19

CNET Founder Launches Public Blockchain Network With Dollars Baked In

Public Mint puts dollars on the blockchain so users can use money whether or not they have bank accounts.

2020/06/04 05:06

Nonprofit Energy Consortium Trials Blockchain Management for Wastewater Tracking

A U.S. oil and gas consortium says a blockchain-based automated platform tracking wastewater reduced transportation costs.

2020/06/02 19:15

Tech Mahindra Inks Education Deal to Develop India’s Blockchain Talent

Indian firms Tech Mahindra and Idealabs will offer curated professional certification courses on blockchain.

2020/05/03 23:10

Enterprise Blockchains: Walled Off Yet Vulnerable

Private enterprise blockchains are prone to insider attacks and don’t benefit from constant testing by an open community, experts at Kaspersky and EY say.

2020/04/03 16:00

SoftBank-Backed Fintech Firm Joins Chinese Conglomerate to Build Blockchain Platform

OneConnect, the fintech wing of Ping An Insurance Group, is building a logistics-tracking blockchain platform with the China Merchants Port Group.

2020/02/28 19:00

US House Committee to Hold Hearing on Blockchain Benefits for Small Businesses

The Committee on Small Business will discuss how blockchain technology can help startups in March.

2020/02/07 14:14

China’s Coronavirus Whistleblower Is Now Memorialized on Ethereum

Someone has just created a smart contract on the ethereum blockchain with source codes in the shape of a monument in memorial of Dr. Li Wenliang, the whistleblower of China's coronavirus outbreak who died of the disease.

2019/12/14 06:27

75% of IoT Firms Want to Add Blockchain: Survey

A majority of those companies using Internet of Things technology has adopted, or is considering adopting, blockchain.

2019/11/18 21:25

Chinese Army’s Blockchain Provider Approved for New Hyperledger Certification Program

Hyperledger green-lit a Beijing-based firm that serves the Chinese army to join its new certification program, as military blockchain use expands.

2019/09/17 06:53

Blockchain for Ethical Practices Raises $4 Million in Seed Funding

A blockchain startup for ethical supply chain management just raised $4 million in seed money.

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